NEW BK Philly Menu, Mozzarella Fries and Birthday Pie

By Chris Frezza | May 20, 2024

Burger King is celebrating their 70th Birthday with new Philly Melts, Chicken Philly Royal Crispy Wrap, Mozzarella Fries, and a Birthday Pie!

The brandnew Philly Melt features two flame-grilled Whopper Jr. patties with Swiss cheese, Royal Sauce, and flamegrilled peppers and onions. The new Chicken Philly Royal Crispy Wrap has chicken white meat breast fillet with delicious Royal Sauce, melted Swiss cheese, and flame roasted peppers and onions, all wrapped in a soft, warm tortilla.

NEW Mozzarella Fries have dropped. This new innovation replaces the previous Mozzarella Sticks with an Italian herb seasoning, buttery garlic flavor and a softer, crumb-like texture.

Finally, HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY, BK! Burger King is inviting Guests to celebrate its milestone birthday with an all new and festive dessert – the Birthday Pie Slice. The new Birthday Pie Slice features a creamy birthday cake flavored piefilling in a cookie crumb crust topped with rainbowcolored sprinkles, cake bites, and whipped topping.

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